[NEWS] 150930 Kim Jaejoong confirm to attend Ground Forces Festival


JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong is confirmed to appear in 2015’s Republic of Korea Army Festival ‘Ground Forces Festival’. Park Yuchun’s appearance fell through.

On Sept. 30, an official for the Ground Forces Festival side explained to Star News: “Kim Jaejoong is attending as a vocal, and is expected to sing songs” and “Park Yuchun will not be attending”.

Also the official for the Ground Forces Festival side requested: “Although there is a lot of interest at the news of entertainers’ appearances from the outside, each and every one of our soldiers are all important. We would like to ask for your keen interests”.

Many entertainers during their services in the army have attended this event since it began in 2002. The Ground Forces Festival this year will be held in the whole region of the Army Headquarters in Gyeryong City, Chungnam from October 2nd to 6th.

Admin’s note: Parts and sentences unrelated to Kim Jaejoong,Park Yuchun, or JYJ were omitted.

Source: Star News
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: @jyj3official

[FANACCOUNT] 120722 Compilation of Tweets for “Dr. Jin” Kim Jaejoong Fanmeeting


  • The fans are already guided inside the FM place. JJ already entered the place and some fans could see him behind the stage.
  • Reading some tweets, the staff are awefully strict with no pictures, even fans who took out their phone was scolded. and it is starting later than planned, at 7:20pm
  • The MC today is a Japanese lady. There’s an M on Jaejoong’s microphone. He’s in all white


  • JJ is now rehearsing~ fans can hear him! (Source: Rinmaze)
  • Fans were surprised to see bibimbap served at dinner since it’s not in meal pkg. It was JJ’s treat to them~
  • Fans like the venue~ It’s easy to see JJ~ ^^
  • wow, some fan groups still donated rice wreaths for the event~ ^^
  • start-o! omg! hahaha
  • JJ is wearing all-white~
  • singing Living Like a Dream~
  • JJ: I was a little bit hesitant to do a period drama
  • JJ is in high spirits today~
  • JJ: Hope you could watch the episode today, it’s really interesting.
  • Seems like JJ has a cold. get well soon JJ~
  • Confirmed. Dr Jin will have additional two episodes.
  • The MC asked if we will see a Kyungtak bathing scene. JJ laughed and said I don’t have any muscles.
  • JJ: I don’t have any confidence in showing my body. No muscles, just bones.
  • Omg JJ did an oyagi gag hahaha
  • JJ wants to try a King’s role~
  • wow photo taking with 3 lucky fans~
  • Lol they told JJ that Yihan’s nickname is “eyebrows brother” lol
  • Ladies, the tongue has made it’s appearance again~ I hope we get photos of it. lol
  • JJ is directing the photo taking~ JJ’s face is close to the fan~ The fan holds a sword to his neck. so back hug.. acjkdjskjasdaf
  • Q: Why do you love elephants? A: I fell in love with them when I went to Thailand
  • He receives so many elephant toys but his favorite is a small green elephant~
  • Q: when is your most recent kiss? A: do you really want to know? /shy
  • JJ is kinda disoriented in answering the kiss question. He was like nn… ahhh… iyaaa… but….
  • Lol. the last one was with a man and he’s a japanese entertainer and it was during a game. the man is famous so can’t tell. lol
  • JJ: I still prefer singing the most.
  • Q: Work you want to challenge in the future A: I want to try more acting roles and directing.
  • His underwear is also hello kitty. gift from fans. the crowd exploded with kyaaaaa
  • lmao. recent gifts he received from fans: 70% hello kitty 30% elephants. lol
  • JJ: I don’t consider creating music as work. It’s a part of me and I will do it as long as I can.
  • JJ’s recent concern is having wrinkles.
  • JJ: I want to drink alcohol. Everyone, let’s go for a drink together~
  • JJ said he’s alright. he had shoulder and neck pains from yesterday
  • JJ: I fell about 4 meters yesterday. Neck and shoulder was impacted and it was sore.
  • and he was all smiles in front of the fans last night. T_T JJ…
  • JJ: I cried privately last night.
  • JJ’s reciting a Japanese poem~Love by Tanikawa Shuntaro
  • He made a mistake in reading the kanji for Jeju but his Japanese profiency is amazing!!!
  • JJ is supposed to have a week-long holiday in Japan after drama ends but since it was extended, then he can’t go anymore.
  • It’s breaktime now. Second part will resume at 8:55 pm KST


  • It has started~  (Source: prettyhirorin)
  • Jaejung appeared~ White T-shirt and white slim pants~ Very cool. (Source: oksumish)
  • Starting with his OST song. (Source: shachong)
  • His hair is tucked behind one ear. It’s a little wavy. (Source: JJ_peace)
  • He’s wearing a black jacket(?) that’s opened at his chest. Wearing a white tee underneath. (Source: shachong)
  • His average sleeping time is 2 hours. (Source: JAE_MIX)
  • HIs high note at the 2nd part of the song was awesome. He laughed when it ended. (Source: ryoJJ)
  • His hat is very heavy so his neck hurts every day. (Source: yuna6002)
  • Talking about filming “Sageuk” and he said he was a little scared. (Source: jeje_reico)
  • He said that he did not get any special advice from Yuchun. XD (Source: shachong)
  • JJ asked his fans to watch Dr Jin today focusing on him. (Source: jeje_reico)
  • Dr Jin has been extended to 22 episodes~ (Source: JJstar_)
  • JJ: Honestly, I don’t have many NGs. Maybe it’s because I’m smart… (Source: shachong)
  • The MC asked if Kyung Tak would have a shower scene. JJ said that recently he doesn’t have confidence in his body so he wouldn’t be able to take his clothes off. (Source: jeje_reico)
  • JJ said that he only has bones left.
  • JJ:Something memorable would be filming crying scenes, it was really tough. Also, horse riding is very difficult. I had to practice for 5 times before filming. (Source: chaehui1226)
  • JJ laughed out loud when he heard people calling Young Hwi “Eyebrows”. (Source: chaehui1226)
  • Three lucky fans get to take picture with Jaejung while he’s wearing Kyung Tak’s costume. (Source: ryoJJ)
  • JJ stuck out his tongue as “fan service” during picture taking. (Source: shachong)
  • During picture taking, JJ placed the sword at fan’s throat and also pretended to stab his sword into the fan’s abdomen. (Source: ryoJJ)
  • Q: No one has given you a real elephant as a present right? JJ: I will decline it. (Source: jeje_reico)
  • Q: When was the last time you kissed? JJ got shy and said: Do you really want to know? (Source: jeje_reico)
  • JJ said that it was a kiss with a guy during a game. A Japanese celebrity  (Source: jeje_reico)
  • JJ’s underwear is also Kitty… (Source: JJstar_)
  • He said he received a lot of Hello Kitty presents lately, even his underwear is Hello Kitty.  (Source: shachong)
  • JJ laughed when fans said they wanted to see his Kitty underwear. (Source: ryoJJ)
  • He said that he has gotten more wrinkles lately. (Source: shachong)
  • He said he can’t wear anything else other than Kitty because 80% of his underwear is Kitty.  (Source: shachong)
  • Q: A recent time you cried? JJ: Yesterday when I was filming the movie, I fell from 4 metres high. The shock to my neck and shoulders was quite painful. (Source: jeje_reico)
  • JJ’s reading a Japanese poem, Love by Takinawa Shuntarou (Source: prettyhirorin)


  • Started! Dr JIN ost Living like a dream now
  • white T-shirt, white skinny pants, and navy blue jacket (Source: oksumish)
  • his hair is a little wavy~(Source: shachong)
  • his mike has shining plate “Jaejoong”
  • JJ: My sleeping time is about 2 hours, and in other times I sleep….(oppa, what do you want to say?lol)
  • JJ: I’m still young.
  • JJ: becuse that KR traditional hat is heavy, I have a pain in my neck a little
  • Today’s JJ is more handsome than cute
  • JJ: I was scared a little(talking about acting in historical drama). and no advices from YC hihi
  • JJ: (the point of today’s Dr.JIN)me. lack of sleep..and don’t NG much because I’m smart hihi
  • JJ’s joke! “uma” ni norunoga “umai”(I’m good at riding on horse) in Japanese, “uma”=horse “umai”=be good at.
  • OMG OMG!! lucky fan can wear his costume!! he wore it today.
  • 3 fans were chosen by lottery. two were in first floor and third was too. so he chose again (so kind)
  • back hug………
  • Q: Why do you like elephants? JJ:since I’ve been to Thailand, fans start to present elephant goods. so I love them little by little
  • JJ: My favorite elephant toy is green small elephant!
  • Q: When did you do kiss the last? JJ:..do you want to know? *shy*
  • LOL he kissed with Japanese friend(boy) in game!
  • JJ: The most attraction (interesting) work for me is singing!
  • JJ: I want to try act and direction more as work. because to sing is not “work” for me, I keep doing
  • JJ: I’ve gotten more wrinkles..around mouth and forehead
  • yesterday, he fell 4 meters. (Source: jeje_reico)
  • he is reading a poem in Japanese about LOVE
  • [trans that poem] Love, easy to say. Love, not difficult to write. Love, everyone knows the feeling.credit: JYJ3

Dr. Jin Lee Bumsoo, the reason for Kim Jaejoong’s ‘good score’ is?

That day, Lee Bumsoo said that, as a senior, he want to give Kim Jaejoong HIGH SCORE in acting. Lee Bumsoo said, “When Kim Jaejoong-ssi acts, it’s nice to see how he ‘feels’. He acts with his sincere feelings. He tries hard to convey [the characters’ feelings]and focus on it. It’s good to see it that way.”

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