[NEWS] 130120 Yahoo Japan reports “JYJ Won – Tokyo District Court ordered Compensation from AVEX”

(Seoul Union News) On the 18th, Seoul District Court sentenced an order to AVEX, management agent of Korea’s popular group JYJ in Japan, to prohibit the agent’s right to monopolize the management of JYJ in Japan.  AVEX was also ordered to pay 660 million yen (7.36 million USD) as reparation to JYJ’s Korean management company, C-JeS.

In addition, AVEX must pay 1 million yen (11,000 USD) as damages to the representative of C-JeS for defamation charges.

C-JeS side commented, “Japan Court’s acknowledgement of the interference of AVEX in JYJ’s activities in Japan and ruled to prohibit such actions made us very happy. With this ruling, JYJ hopes to resume their activities in Japan as soon as possible.”

While they were involved in the lawsuit with former Korean management agent SM Entertainment, JYJ signed a management contract with AVEX via C-JeS in Feb 2010. However, when AVEX disagrees with C-JeS on the scope of JYJ’s activities, AVEX began to claim that the representative of C-JeS is linked with doubtful groups (mafia, gangsters) and one-sidedly terminated all JYJ’s activities in Japan in Sept 2010.

C-JeS requested for terminating the exclusive contract with AVEX but, AVEX insisted its right to the exclusivity of managing JYJ in Japan and rejected this request.

Japan Source: Yahoo Japan
Translated by: Helly of JYJ3 + Jen_BabyLove
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Hallyu stars JYJ selected as exclusive models for Tony Moly


Cosmetics brand Tony Moly has announced on the 17th that it has selected hallyu star group JYJ as exclusive models.

According to Tony Moly, JYJ will have a one year modelling contract and they will be the image model in Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and other Asian countries excluding Japan.

“Hallyu star JYJ is loved at home and abroad”, said Kim SeungChul, VP for marketing, “JYJ will help enhance Tony Moly’s global image as it continues to expand overseas.”

There will be JYJ ads and CFs to be aired nationwide starting this October. Continue reading

JYJ Junsu (Xia) Melts Hearts in New York City, with Strong Vocals and Stage Presence


Junsu“, “Junsu”, “Junsu”, chanted the crowd, at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. Xia, also known as Junsu, sat silently upon his throne at the top of the stage observing the crowd. It was about halfway through the concert on the first stop of his 1st Solo World Tour.  The crowd continued to chant and scream for more. Xia who had just performed about 10 songs, many from his new album Tarantallegra, was calmly taking it all. The crowd had fallen in love.

At the start of the show, Xia who had been lifted unto the stage on a moving platform was dressed in a blue suit with long black boots.  He started off strong, with the first track on his new album, called “Breath.” “Breath” is a song with an urban pop theme and strong beats, to which Xia and his dancing crew seemed to move with in unison, effortlessly.


Following “Breathe,” Junsu mellowed the crowd a bit with “No Gain,” “Lullaby,” and “Intoxication,” all songs from his new album Tarantallegra. Most of the lyrics and music of the album were composed and arranged by Junsu. Junsu showed some of his brilliant creativity with a prop not seen often on a concert stage. A three-paneled mirror was placed on the stage during his performance of Intoxication, multiplying the amount of Junsu’s on stage by 4. The mirror may have helped a bit, but the crowd was already intoxicated with Junsu’s singing and dancing, before the mirror made it’s way unto stage. Continue reading

JYJ’s Yoo Chun at the center of the global festival Seoul Drama Awards

The seventh Seoul Drama Awards was held on August 30 at 5:30 p.m. It was a global festival, in which many countries, including China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Columbia, Turkey, the UK, Germany, and the U.S., participated. Shin Hyun Jun, an actor who has a great sense of humor, and Han Go Eun, an actress who is good at speaking English, hosted the awards.

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“Park Yoo Chun voted the most popular actor of the year”

Seoul Drama Awards 2012 People’s Choice winners

– The winners of the People’s Choice and Hallyu Drama categories were recently released.

– Park Yoo Chun of Rooftop Prince takes the Triple Crown with the People’s Choice Award, Hallyu Drama Actor Award, and a prize for a series.

– People receiving the People’s Choice Award will attend the awards ceremony on August 30


Park Yoo Chun, of Rooftop Prince, is voted the most popular actor at the Seoul Drama Awards 2012.

The Seoul Drama Awards Organization Committee recently released the results from the online voting for People’s Choice and Hallyu Drama categories. The voting began on July 10 and has gone on for about a month. Over four million people cast their votes, proving the awards ceremony is very popular.

Many actors and actresses from TV series in 2012 were nominated. Park Yoo Chun showed off his Hallyu star power by ranking first in the People’s Choice and Hallyu Drama Actor categories, and his TV series Rooftop Prince completed the Triple Crown by ranking first among all series.

Han Ji Min, who appeared in Rooftop Prince with Park, also beat out all the other actresses to become the most popular actress.

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Actors and actresses from the all over the world who are receiving prizes will attend the ceremony on August 30 at the Seoul National Theater and will share the honorable moment together with all the other winners and nominees. Continue reading

JYJ’s Yoo Chun says, “I didn’t know I was this popular in China”


JYJ’s Yoo Chun recently held his fan meeting successfully in Shanghai, China.

On August 25, Yoo Chun held his fan meeting, titled the 2012 Park Yoo Chun Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Shanghai, at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai.

Yoo Chun started the fan meeting singing “The Empty Space For You,” a soundtrack of MBC TV’s drama series Miss. Ripley, and talked about how he had been doing lately. He spent about two hours with his fans, presenting some important scenes of Miss. Ripley with his fans, giving quizzes to his fans over the phone, and playing a popping-balloons game.


On August 26, C-Jes Entertainment, Yoo Chun’s agency, said, “The Rooftop Prince received a lot of attention even before it started airing in China. Yoo Chun became popular when Sungkyunkwan Scandal aired. We knew that many Chinese people liked Yoo Chun, but we didn’t know he was this popular in China. We feel like we can also successfully hold the rest of Yoo Chun’s fan meeting tour.” Continue reading