[FA COMPILATION] 03112018 Park Yuchun Fan Meeting and Mini Concert 再会 Remember the Memories Day 2

credit to @kiss_jyj3

“Sometimes, I really hate the name of ‘Park Yuchun’, & hv decided to end my life for 2 times… But, I received lots of emails & letters from staffs & u, help stopped my thoughts. It’s luckily for me not to choose a wrong way.”

–“This is a big secret. I decided not to fell in love / dating at all. I can’t say it directly/ clearly, but u guys can understand what I mean, right? From now on, I have no one except my fans”

–I’m very tense ytd. Staffs want to eat unadon (eel rice) after FM, I went w/them ytd. I was back to have half-body bathing after eating & drank beer b4 sleep. Beer after FM tastes good~ n I slept at 8pm last night.

-Today, Yuchun need to do “snack kiss” again, n he’s shy and murmured “I thought that I’m 30 years old now and I need not to do things like this again..”

-In session of choosing fans’ photos, Yuchun took pictures with 3 lucky fans. After that, Yuchun say sorry to the fans yesterday whose he did not take photo with. And promise that “During the hall tour in May, I’ll take pictures w/fans if I have chance.”

-What have you eaten today? “I haven’t eat anything today yet. Coz I just eat 1 diet in 1 day. “ Keeping asking what Yuchun like to eat. “I’d like to eat sea urchins.. Japanese sea urchin is the best!”

-Which role do you want try? “I want to try ‘Midnight Diner’, very much. Because I’m a die hard fan~”

“I haven’t prepared many things today, coz I’d like to express my real and true feelings. Thus, I didn’t prepare a lot.”

“I slept well last night, after long time… Thanks for giving me energy yesterday. Thank you sincerely.”

-ENDING TALK ”Because you guys are here, then I’m here. Now, I really understand what this words mean. With 100%. I’ll work hard then.”

“Yesterday and Today, are like dreams, in which I can’t believe about that. But, I knew that they’re not dreams now. I believe it like this.”

“I want to live in Japan. After talking with staff, I’d like to sign in a Japanese management company and start activities in Japan.”