[VIDEO] 02172018 Park Yoochun greeting his fans in regards to Reunion: Remember the Memories

Park Yoochun released a video in JYJ Japan Fansite regarding his upcoming Fanmeeting & Mini Concert entitled “REUNION:REMBER THE MEMORIES” in Tokyo Japan on March 10 and 11,2018 at Musashino Forest Sports Plaza Main Arena.

This event will be Yoochun’s first official public appearance since he finished his community service duty.

The first and second round of ticket sales already commence.

[VIDEO] 02162018 Yoochun and Jaejoong weibo Lunar New Year greeting clips for fans

Fans got a very special greeting from Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun on weibo in celebration of the Lunar New Year.

Kim Jaejoong who is currently busy recording his upcoming album took time to wish fans well in celebrating the new year.

Park Yoochun on the other hand is also busy preparing for his upcoming Fan Meeting that will be held in Japan in March. He seems to be excited to see his fans again.

[FAN PROJECT] All About YU – JYJ Lovers in the Philippines Message Book Digital Version

We are so lucky that Park Yoochun’s enlistment was accidentally announced during his Birthday Fan Meeting last May. In line with that, Us the admins was able to plan the message book that we gave him.


Again, we would like to thank everyone who joined this project. As told by our sweet angel, Yoochun read the book after receiving it along with the gifts from the Philippines.


As promised, we made a digital version of the Message Book for everyone to keep and read.

PDF Format  –  All About YU JYJ Lovers in the Philippines Message Book

EPUB Format – All About YU JYJ Lovers in the Philippines Message Book



07222015 Yoochun says “Thank You” for the love and support! 🙂

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[FAN SUPPORT] 6002 PROJECT: All for Our Beloved Park Yoochun

We launched the 6002 Project for Park Yoochun last February where we invited fans to contribute and assist us in our support project for Park Yoochun. As always, we wanted to give him the BEST because he deserves the BEST! And we must say, since this is the very first Support Project for Yoochun’s drama from the Filipino fans, we might as well make it the most memorable one for Yoochun and for us.

The first phase of the support Project was the Rice Wreath we sent during the Press Conference of his drama “The Girl Who Sees Smells” held at SBS Building in Mokdong on March 30, 2015 Two of our admins were present during the press conference. Here are some of the photos we took…


20150330_132801   20150330_13280020150330_14464020150330_14500520150330_142308 20150330_144149

The second phase was the Food Support Project which was held on May 3, 2015 at the SBS Production Center in Ilsan. We are very thankful that a sweet angel helped us arrange the schedule and she made sure that we will be able to implement our project successfully. She is someone very close to Yoochun…and she was so kind enough to tell us what food Yoochun and the casts and crew would like to have. She made sure it will be very memorable for Filipino fans so she specifically requested for May 3…the same date for the Fight of the Century (Pacman vs. Mayweather) when, of course, the Philippines is highlighted.

1430624901850 1430624939920 1430631755748 1430624966574

As we have very well coordinated the food requests, while they only requested for churros and burritos, we got one more truck for beef and sausage skewers that will add up to our food service. We hired Limetruck for unique and tasty Churros, Tong Tong Burritos for the yummy burritos and Men in Truck for the awesome beef and sausage skewers.  we also prepared gifts for the cast. Gift comprised of authentic Filipino goodies from Kultura (the most famous store selling authentic Filipino goods in the Philippines)

11198482_1845275715698472_1767246927_n 11160246_1845275705698473_684396605_n 11210327_1845275719031805_1455352565_n(CLICK ON THE PHOTO FOR THE FOOD CART LINK)

1430606938112 1430606947284

The staff and crew, including the director and assistant directors, well even the Captain Lee Won Jong were very surprised that we prepared 3 trucks…and they were very impressed that we served a different menu. Their words were “DAEBAK!” and “Go Philippines!” They must have really liked what we served since they spazzed about the three trucks! ^__^

14306374642151430647445351 1430647441783

They were even more surprised that we specifically flew to Korea just to be present during the food support. They were happy and thankful and even went to us and bowed to say thank you. We were very touched with their gestures. All the more, they were all rooting for Pacquiao so everyone was cheering us. They ate as they watched the fight…unfortunately, Manny Pacquiao lost to the New Dancing Superstar-cum-Running Man, floyd Mayweather After the fight…some of the staff went to us to say “Sorry, pacquiao lost, but its okay! Pacquiao fighting!!!”

1430627616177 1430627617815 1430627645320 1430627643863 1430627649506

Our dear Yoochun arrived at the venue shortly after Pacquiao’s fight. He was wearing white shirt, black sweat pants, flipflops and a BIG smile…looking so dashing and soooo gorgeous! He greeted and bowed to everyone he passed by and before going inside the studio he spotted the trucks and shortly stood to see the trucks from inside the building. He slimmed down but still looked amazing! His manager approached us and introduced himself to us…we were surprised that he was very accommodating. He said sorry they arrived late because they came from another shooting location. We learned that the script for the scenes came only the night before so Yoochun has to rush to memorize his lines. He came to tell us that he will try to have Yoochun come out, if possible. We did not push for it as we know he is already very tired and very busy memorizing. We told him we understand if he doesn’t come out, the support is for him and we do not demand anything from him. We are just happy that he saw our trucks and knew it came from us! Manager-nim was very thankful for that, that we understand completely and were not pushy. We served Yuchun his lunch which we prepared in special boxes:

11186242_1845277989031578_989932660_n 1430627646747 1430627651151 1430627624053 1430627622620 1430627621071

After an hour or so, Manager-nim came to us to say Yoochun ate the food we gave him and that Yoochun says Thank You for the delicious treat. Manager said Yoochun liked the Beef and Burritos and he finished all the food including the churros ^___^. Manager-nim chatted with us for a while and he specifically spotted our banner with these words “Mahal ka namin, Park Yoochun!” He asked what it meant and we said, it means “we love you”. Then he asked what “Thank you” is in Tagalog, we said it’s “Salamat” and he said Salamat and kept repeating it to us. We asked if we could take a photo with him…he said he doesn’t take photos with fans and that he is not Park Yoochun, but since we are good fans, he obliged and he even requested us to pose like Pacquiao! It was very nice of him to say that since Yoochun is busy, he will entertain us for him.


We presented our gifts to the casts and directors, to Manager-nim and Yoochun. Everyone who saw the Mickey Mouse which we have customized with Pacquiao boxing gloves were impressed. Manager-nim said Yoochun asked to put it in his van ^___^ as you may have all known, Yoochun’s stylist posted a photo on Instagram of Mickey inside Yoochun’s van.

1430606926722  1430606933336 1430606941134 1430645384715


We were allowed to watch the filming inside the building but we were told not to take photos/videos. We know the rules and were just happy we could watch from the sidelines.

The filming set’s atmosphere seems very happy, the scenes being shot were goofy scenes and the casts were laughing all along. At around 6PM, the filming was done and Yoochun will be transferring to another location. Manager-nim was kind enough to even call a taxi for us since the site was far from Seoul and it will be difficult for us to get a cab.

A lot of fans were at the next shooting location when we arrived. As per his manager, since his next scenes will be emotional, he wants to concentrate to get into the character. He was inside his van until the director had called for him. He wore white shirt, black pants, black sneakers and green jacket. When he came out from the van, he passed right in front of us. He didn’t smile much as a lot of fans were crowding him. We were amazed at his diligence, on cue, he shed tears!!! And when the director shouted “cut” Yoochun’s assistant was ready with the tissue for him. Witnessing his filming, he indeed was very hard working! We can only imagine how tired he was and yet to film an emotional scene at night will be very stressful for ordinary artists. But our Yoochun of course, giving all his best into acting, never showed signs of tiredness. Two shoots of the same scene and the production packed up to transfer to another location.

His manager chatted with us while Yoochun filmed. He said Yoochun was touched by Our food support and was delighted to find out how we knew he liked San Miguel Beer! We gifted Manager-nim, Yoochun and the Main director one box each of our very own local beer. We replied saying…we guessed it! And we wanted to give him something that’s distinctly our own. He said that Yoochun doesn’t eat much while filming but he finished the lunch we prepared. He must have been hungry :)) He said “salamat” again for 3 times before we parted ways. We told him to tell Yoochun our message: “mahal kita”, he obliged and bowed to us before going.

It was a very memorable experience for us! Commendations from the staff and crew of the drama as well as Yoochun’s made us all happy. It was indeed a successful one! Our day with Yoochun will always be the most memorable one for us.

1430646670868 1430646651942 1430646660870 1430646649674 1430625598042 1430624959272 1430624942737 1430624904206

We would like to thank all our friends and followers who sent their support for this Project! It wouldn’t have been possible without your help. We would also like to thank the three food trucks who worked with us:


1430627614353 1430644103520 1430644085258

Contributors: Mariza Reyes, Gloria Del Rosario, Pearl, Yvette, Ruby, Darmie, Maria Krissy Evangelista, Concraze, Quellie, Rina, Anna Gee, Heidi Wang, Con Con, Vina, Faithee Pansacala Adigue, Hassana, Roweina-Sisca Riani, Millie Kim, Ana Pastrana

It had been easy communicating with them since they can speak English. They were all very nice and they gave us a very good deal for this project, not to mention the tasty food they served.

1430647458882 1430647463361



07222015 A gift from Yoochun for his fans in the Philippines!

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